Friday, February 24, 2017

Preaching in Moldova

Take a look at the picture. It has Jesus looking down lovingly on our planet in the center. It has
a blue, yellow, and red striped map with some kind of crest on it. And it has some words that we don’t understand.
This is the first slide people see every night when they come into our churches for the
evangelistic meetings. They see Jesus as the center of our work. Yes, we will preach
enthusiastically on the Sabbath and the state of the dead, but Jesus is the heart of it all. We
want people to love Him with all their hearts, and recognize Him as the Lord.
It is exciting to see the happy faces come in, rosy cheeked from the cold outside. Many feeling
strange in this strange church and they don’t know the songs. But they know that these people
welcome them and are willing to take time to befriend them, showing them the love of Jesus.
There are about 23 It Is Written speakers opening the Word of God all over this country pictured
on the map. Everywhere there are people coming into our church for the first time. From north to
south, in city churches and country village chapels, Jesus is being preached in a new, and for
some, a startling way. This whole land is being given the opportunity to come to know a
personal Savior.
Oh, yes. What do the words on the picture mean? They say, “Moldova for Christ.”
Moldova pentru Hristos.jpg

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