Monday, November 2, 2015

A Quick Bible Story

Yaw Acheampong, our pharmacist, needed more stickers for the medicine boxes and bottles. I took a sample of what was needed, grabbed one of our Bible workers, and headed out to the "library store."

Waiting for the lady to get the stickers, I noticed that there were some of the flyers from our meetings sitting on the counter. I pointed them out to the Bible worker, Michael, and the lady helping us said something to him in Spanish. She returned with our stickers and a booklet that turned out to be a Bible study guide. She is already taking studies!

She must have asked the Bible worker a question because she came back again with a Bible. I stood watching as Michael turned to Acts 19 and gave an impromptu Bible study right there in her shop!

As we left the shop Michael said something to me and then made a motion like someone being baptized. I think I'll be seeing this lady again in a baptistry!

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