Tuesday, November 10, 2015

An Amazing Trip

What an amazing trip we had!

Two of the big things that made this mission trip a success were the medical/dental clinic and the VBS.

Each day 80 or more people came for medical consultation with local doctors who donated their time and expertise. Many of the patients could not afford to see a doctor for any reason. If they had some illness, they would often go to the pharmacy directly and hope by describing their symptoms that the pharmacist would recommend something to them. In hopes of getting what they needed, they began waiting outside of the school where our clinic was held. It opened at 9 am, but they began arriving at 6. What an opportunity for them to come and see real doctors who would prescribe medications that we had brought--or at least the first couple of days worth of patients could do that. Unfortunately, our supplies were vastly unable to meet the need. Even so, several hundred people got help that they would not have gotten had not others been willing to give and bless.

Local dentists brought in their own equipment and were able to fill teeth right there. Sometimes though, the patients had not had any care and teeth simply had to be pulled. All of them were instructed on proper oral care and were given toothbrushes and taught how to use them. What a blessing to all that we could see, perhaps close to 200, who had been living with pain and poor dental health.

When we were finished, all the doctors and dentists asked us, "Please come back!"

The children's program, although held near the back of the school, could be heard all around the entire campus. Those kids were having fun! It was held twice a day, with different programs each time, once during the morning clinic and once during the evening meetings. Leilani and Robert sang songs in Spanish with motions. Gilbert, from the Indiana church involved the kids in stories that taught about Daniel and his friends, Jonah and the whale, Esther, etc. Then came the part the kids pushed and shoved for, in spite of us trying to hold them back--the crafts. They made crowns and rainbows, bookmarks and fish keychains. At the end, they each got a bag, ones that Cindy and her team had made, with a stuffed animal, pencils, markers, and a coloring book that reinforced the Christ centered messages. There were also health talks and each child got a toothbrush, maybe their first ever. Adding up each day's total participants, we had about 1,300 kids!

Like Jesus, we touched people where they were, met their needs, and won their confidence, as well as having bid them follow Him (see MH 143). And the Lord blessed mightily!

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