Wednesday, November 4, 2015

By the Numbers

I wanted to give you a statistical window into what's happening here.

Number of Bible workers doing pre-work: 5
Number of baptisms before we arrived: 24
Missionaries from the US: 32
Days for this trip (October 30 -- November 8): 10
Estimated average adult attendance at the evangelistic meetings each night: 550
Estimated average number of adults coming forward to accept Jesus each night: 30
Number of baptisms during the meetings (through Wednesday evening): 32
Estimated average number of children in the children's program each night: 85
Average number of patients at the dental and medical clinic each day: 140
Local doctors and dentist volunteers so far: 18
Approximate daytime VBS (school break right now) attendance, first day: 200
Number of meetings (they're held outside) rained out (A real miracle!): 0

God is doing wonderful things!

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